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  • Ann Bouthillier

    Ann Bouthillier


  • Luc Perreault

    Luc Perreault

    VP & Creative Director

  • Christian Ayotte

    Christian Ayotte

    VP digital

  • Sandra Salcioli

    Sandra Salcioli

    VP strategy

  • Marie-Hélène Rivard

    Marie-Hélène Rivard

    VP brand integration

  • Patrick Hotte

    Patrick Hotte

    VP brand integration

  • John Parlea

    John Parlea

    Director CRM

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PALM + HAVAS wins twice at the WebAwards.


PALM + HAVAS has won two international awards at the Web Marketing Association’s WebAwards 2014. Developed for Volkswagen Canada, the winning projects (Countdown to a Golf and Who’da Thought?) were each awarded the Automobile Standard of Excellence distinction. Last year, the Volkswagen Plus website was awarded the distinction of Outstanding Website.

PALM + HAVAS would like to congratulate Volkswagen Canada, and everyone who participated in these projects. Good job!

See the Countdown to a Golf >

Visit Who’da Thought? >

Couche-Tard Chooses PALM + HAVAS


The Couche-Tard chain of stores has chosen PALM + HAVAS as its advertising partner for original creative work and various production projects. The agency will be in charge of both traditional and digital platforms for the Couche-Tard banner in Quebec and for the Circle K banner in Eastern Canada. Upcoming projects include the Holiday campaign, and the next long-awaited campaign for Sloche, one of the retailer’s flagship products. We’re looking forward to showing you the results of our work.

Working in harmony with Sainte-Justine and Céline Dion

Céline Dion

Last July 17, the renowned singer raised her voice together with the winners of the “Sing for Sainte-Justine with Céline Dion” contest during a private event.

Carefully orchestrated by PALM + HAVAS, proud partner of the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation, this fund-raising campaign was able to collect $825,065 in 40 days. You haven’t had a chance to contribute? It’s never too late!

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Prosumer Trend.

The Internet, globalization and media fragmentation have not only transformed the world’s economy, they have also changed the relationship between consumers and brands. A new generation of consumers, more demanding and very much aware of marketing techniques, has emerged globally. These knowledgeable opinion leaders we call “Prosumers” are today’s influencers, those who determine the success, or failure, of a commercial endeavour.

Prosumers are more than just another target group. They are the 10% to 25% of the population who influence the rest of consumers. Understanding them provides serious incite into how a product will perform in the marketplace.

PALM + HAVAS gives you access to international studies made available within our communications group. Upon request, we can extract data specific to the Canadian market.

Find out more about today’s Prosumer right here.

The new consumer and the sharing economy

VOL. 18, 2014

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Digital and the new consumer

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Communities and citizenship

VOL. 15, 2013

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The digital life

VOL. 13, 2012

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Health and wellness

VOL. 12, 2012

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New consumers

VOL. 8, 2010

New consumers

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